Social Events

KDSA provides many opportunities for students to socialize amongst themselves and with faculty, including weekly breakfasts, Saturday soccer games, and various gatherings throughout the course of the year. 

For the past three years, KDSA has formed Team Krannert to compete in the school-wide soccer intramurals. We've won two championships in three years. The following are the results of the tournament.
Year Result
2009-2010 Champions
2010-2011 Semi-finalists
2011-2012 Champions

2011-2012 Team Krannert 
(left to right, top row: Yuriy Bots, Tony Liu, Supradeep Dutta, Daniel Nedelescu, Justin Krieg, Curt Ball
bottom row: Kory Garner, Mihai Ion, Jinsuh Lee)
(Not Shown: Marcelo Castillo, Huseyin Gulen)

This year, KDSA has formed a team to compete in the school-wide flag football intramurals. It was our first try for the tournament.
Year Result
2011-2012 Quarter-finalists